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Case Study // Website localization // LCM Systems LTD


CONTEXT: Website translation and localization, DTP, translation of product sheets and press releases for opening a subsidiary in Romania.

CLIENT: LCM Systems LTD (website localization, case study)

APPROACH: Because the company trades very technical and specialized products, that cannot be found on the Romanian market, the first step of our team was to team up with the partners in Romania. Respectively, the resellers of the products, in order to build a glossary of terms. A few meetings with the client managed to clarify certain aspects of the project, because we decided to draw up a delivery schedule together, according to the priorities of the client and on the stages of the launch on the Romanian market.

  • Meeting with the client – Website translation and localization project brief;
  • Delivery schedule proposal depending on the stages of the launch;
  • Budget proposal;
  • Forming a team: Project Manager + 2 translators + 1 proofreader + 2 DTP specialists.

RESULTS: Connecting the company to the Romanian market, with the potential local clients. Practically, we helped launch the Romanian subsidiary. Our team can supply complete language localization services:

Leave us a message with the details of your website/software localization project at the address and we will get back to you with a technical and financial proposal.

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