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CLIENT: Ideas Chat

CONTEXT: A project born out of the desire to inspire ideas through real stories. The Ideas Chat team makes films featuring curious and courageous people. People who know that their actions have the power to change the world. The team of The Department supports this project by helping them with translations and subtitling.

Well-defined initial brief, which is the foundation of all the following projects. Posting calendar, adjusted with flexibility from both parties. These help us during our entire collaboration to obtain the desired results.

RESULTS:  Does Ideas Chat reach the audience in any part of the world, even if the stories are told in Romanian?

TRANSLATIONS AND SUBTITLING: The Departments supports you when you need to communicate in a foreign language, with the help of translation and subtitling of video materials.  Each service in the translation industry has its own particularities. For example, interpretation cannot be done if the translator lacks certain qualities. Just as in the case of subtitling a video material, there are a few challenges. The translator must adapt the text depending on the purpose of the materials. However, when it comes to subtitles, there are space limitations for the translation to be synchronized with the image.

The materials that are to be processed may be delivered in any specific format: TV, DVD, VHS, Internet. It is important that the material has high-quality image and sound. However, we like a good challenge and, in the course of time, we have processed various materials. We have a team of specialists taking care of the technical part, mainly of the improvement of the quality of the sound. And specialists who have the ability to adapt the text in order to reproduce the complete message, falling within the limitations imposed by each specific material.

Our team can supply complete services that are included in an audiovisual translation:

  • Audio/video material transcription;
  • Translation and adaptation;
  • Synchronization of the translation with the image;
  • Video editing, if the case.

We use several tools in order to provide our clients the best results: SDL Trados (Subtitle plugin, EZTitles, Subtitle Edit).

Leave us a message with the details of your project at and we will get back to you with a technical and financial proposal.

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