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Traduceri, interpretariat, subtitrare, localizare, transcriere


A localized website is the solution for taking your business to a global level, hence an opportunity to grow your business. With The Department by your side, all you have to do is decide what market you want to target and leave the rest of it to us.

The website localization projects involve a complex process that implies the transformation, to an extent, of a website’s content and design. Hence, the aim is that this contributes to the goals of the website. For example, to be understood by the target public and to contribute to the success of the business it presents. We are here to help you reach the places where your clients are.

The team formed by our project manager has extensive and diverse knowledge in order to cover all aspects. However, the foundation of the website localization is represented by the translation and adaptation and the linguistic knowledge.

The content of a website has multiple characteristics. Thus, when this undergoes the website localization process, the following must be taken into account: key words within the website, the tone of voice, the expressions specific to the culture it targets. Moreover, the actions for visitors, the displayed information and presenting the team, both visually and descriptively, are also important.
Regardless of the targeted field, we will find specialists for your area of interest within our extended team.

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