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Make the most of your CAT Tools. Let us help you enrich your translation resources by doing all the work for you. Optimize your TAT and translation costs.

Translation Memory Alignment is a great way to take advantage of all the previous translations performed by your team prior to the migration to a CAT solution. Think of all the millions of words translated in different language pairs that you are not able to benefit from. Translation Memory Alignment is a laborious work with great value.

Terminology database is a great way to offer additional support to your translators and customers – either if you choose to use an established resource or prepare a term-base from scratch. We can help you prepare the terminology data base in the desired format using the resources provided by you or we can build a brand new term-base for a specific filed fo expertise.

Focus on driving sales and offering support to your customers and your team and let us be your external Terminology Resources support team. We will cover both the preparation of the source documents and the alignment with the target files, the translated documents.

How the team of The Department can help with with the Translation Memory Alignment and creation of Terminology Databases?

  • Alignment of  translations for all language pairs;
  • Additional revision, proofreading and QA to have an error free TM;
  • Creation of termbases for various fields of expertise – we have previous experience with the IATE termbase for the English-Romanian pair.

What are your benefits for outsourcing the creation of the terminology resources?

  • Translation costs optimization by reducing the volume of the newly translated content;
  • Added value to the services you provide to your customers by supplying tailored termbases in accordance with their needs and fields;
  • Enhanced translation efficiency and delivery time by making the most of the translations you already have in your archive;
  • Ensured stylistic and lexical consistency for the content of your customers.
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