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Traduceri specializate


The editing and the translation revision of the translated text represent two stages which are just as important as the translation itself. With us, your translation will be by the book.

The translation process, as it should be implemented, involves several stages: analyzing the text, in order to identify any potential issues, determining the terminology, translating and proofreading the target text, editing the translation, validating the final translation after one last proofreading.

The main difference between the two services is that, whereas editing focuses on contextual modifications and on the style of the text, proofreading focuses on identifying grammar, writing and punctuation mistakes.

The quality of a translation is the result of adherence to the translation standard, i.e. following the stages: translation, revision and proofreading.

All translations, regardless of the field, can and should follow these steps is order to achieve an impeccable text in the end.

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