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Traduceri Specializate și Autorizate - Traduceri Juridice


Excellent knowledge of the target language, as well as of the source language, the identification of the specific terminology, and especially consistency are essential here. All this, doubled by an experienced project manager.

Here is how we manage to deliver good technical translations:

  • We choose the specialists having relevant experience in the field.
  • The technical translator has a pragmatic approach to the text, choosing clear wording and emphasizing terminology and accuracy.
  • We use translation memories – Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools are ideal to maintain terminology consistency.
  • We collaborate with the beneficiaries of the translation, so that we may have the necessary resources in order to deliver a high-quality translation. The validation of terminology from the glossaries created by our team represents the foundation for high-quality technical translations.

Specialized translations cover extremely varied areas, dealing with subjects specific for different industries. Oil and gas, electric power distribution and supply, automotive, tires, constructions. Our specialists know how to approach every industry in part. They know how to choose the specific terminology for each field, and, with the customer’s help, to ensure terminological consistency within the technical documentation requiring translation.

Specialized technical translations: installation guidelines for machinery in the automotive industry, technical handbooks for generators, data sheets for load cell systems, technical handbooks and user manuals for industrial equipment, handbooks for safety systems in the automotive industry etc.

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