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Traduceri și Subtitări


We are here to help you have a global reach – through large volumes of high-quality subtitles in a short turnaround time.

Open up a whole new world to any target audience through subtitling

Through the experience of our internal team, our large pool of native linguists, specialized in subtitling, and the best tools in the industry, we can help you reach any new audience you desire.

Your content will be reviewed, adapted and synchronized – you get a final product, compliant with the requirements of all major streaming platforms, such as Disney or Netflix.

Every service in the field of translations has its particularities. Just as interpretation cannot be achieved if the translator lacks certain qualities, subtitling a video challenges the translator to adapt the text, length, reading speed and readability for programs for children, young adults or adults. Whatever your translation needs, be it the translation of an audio or video material or of the metadata descriptions, we are here to help.

Cutting edge tools and high quality subtitles – each and every time

By leveraging the native linguists and revolutionary QC tools at our disposal, we manage to always guarantee a high-quality for the delivery of large volumes in a short turnaround time.
With every specific target audience in mind, we mastered the style guides of every major streaming platforms and the best tools in the industry, both our own (EZTitles, Subtitle Edit, SDL Trados), and the ones supplied by leading localization companies, such as Sfera, MateSub, Subbit, and many more. With all these, every project goes through all the stages necessary for an optimal final product, from the initial analysis to translation, adaptation, synchronization and a thorough QC process.

Complete subtitling services

We are here to help you with complete translation and subtitling services, being able, at the same time, to provide only certain services you might need for your project:

  • Transcription of the script – from speech to text
  • Creation of a subtitle file (with timecode)
  • Translation and adaptation. Localization.
  • Revision and quality control (QA and QC)
  • Synchronization of the source/target file

Why should you work with us?

Because in 14 years of experience, we managed:

  • 120.000 words translated
  • 500.000 metadata translations
  • significant contribution to the launch of Disney+ in România: more than 40.000 minutes translated
  • partnership with Orange started in 2015 for the content of Orange TV
  • collaboration with Netflix partners

This way, we can provide subtitling services for various types of content: feature films, shorts, documentaries, TV shows (for children, young adults and adults) and marketing materials, while complying with the specific rules of most major streaming services, such as Disney or Netflix, and about which you can read more here.

We are your partner when it comes to media localization.

Case study // Subtitling // Ideas Chat

A project born out of the desire to inspire ideas through real stories. The Ideas Chat team makes films featuring curious and courageous people. People who know that their actions have the power to change the world. The team of The Department supports this project by helping them with translations and subtitling.
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