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Traduceri și Subtitări


Subtitling is not translation. It is a project in its own right. Subtitling has time-, space- and message-related limitations. We take all these aspects into account when we are dealing with your project.

Learn more about our subtitling service. Every service in the field of translations has its particularities. Just as interpretation cannot be achieved if the translator lacks certain qualities, subtitling a video challenges the translator.  For example, adapting the text according to the purpose of the material. At the same time, the translator has to take into account time and space limitations, so as to synchronize the translation with the image.

The type of materials we process can be delivered in any specific format: TV, DVD, VHS, internet. Of course, it is important for the material to have the appropriate image and sound quality, in order to deliver a material which fully renders the content.

However, we enjoy a good challenge, and, in the course of time, we have processed various materials which involved the technical part, related to sound quality improvement, as well as the translator’s capacity to adjust the text in order to convey the full message, adhering to the limitations of each and every material.

Our team can provide the subtitling service, a comprehensive service. At the same time, The Department can help you in certain stages of your project:
• Audio/video material transcription
• Adaptation and translation
• Synchronization service for translations

Case study // Subtitling // Ideas Chat

A project born out of the desire to inspire ideas through real stories. The Ideas Chat team makes films featuring curious and courageous people. People who know that their actions have the power to change the world. The team of The Department supports this project by helping them with translations and subtitling.
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