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Traduceri Specializate și Autorizate - Traduceri Juridice


Specialized technical, financial or certified legal translations. Does it sound complicated? We will make it simple.

It is important to identify and to assign the right resource for every specialized translations projects. Thus, in the case of written translations, we analyse every detail of the entrusted project and we choose the right translator, according to the relevant experience in the field, the experience evinced in past projects, the capacity for documentation and adaptation.

Our team of project managers will always choose the right translator for your translation project, whether it is a technical, financial, legal or medical translation.

The specialized and certified translators from our extended team have ample experience, they have been through a careful recruitment process, they are punctual and professional. And, last, but not least, they have linguistic competence in several fields, covering a wide range of specialized translations:

  • Technical translations
  • Legal translations
  • Financial translations
  • Medical translations
  • Marketing translations

Case Study // Legal translations // MFP Lawyers

We believe it is important to identify and assign the proper resource for each project. As such, in the case of written translations, we analyse each detail of the assigned project and we opt for the adequate translator depending on his/her experience.
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