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Traduceri, interpretariat, subtitrare, localizare, transcriere


The localization of software products starts with the development of the product. And we are here for you during the entire project, starting from project management and translation to development, testing and DTP services.

The software localization service represents the process of adapting the product to the technical, cultural and linguistic requirements of the target market. Therefore, adapting the software, along with the entire associated documentation, is a complex process. More precisely, it involves forming and coordinating a team of specialists, the translation itself being only a part of the activities of the project.

You know that your localization project was a success when the final product is a software especially designed for the target audience, for the market it addresses.

Briefly, the stages of an IT localization/translation localization project are:

  • Analyzing and assessing the project and programs, the resources necessary for localization;
  • Analyzing the cultural and technical component;
  • Creating terminology resources;
  • Translating the text into the target language;
  • Adapting the user interface;
  • Localizing the media content, symbols and other audiovisual materials;
  • Testing the files;
  • Verification and Quality Assurance;
  • Delivering the localization project.
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