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Interpretariat Simultan


The success of an event may be determined by the way communication is achieved. Entrust your simultaneous interpreting project to us and we will ensure the quality of communication.

Simultaneous interpreting is used within meetings involving the exchange or conveyance of messages. These have a significant amount of information, in a fixed, limited period of time. It is used when the person needing the interpreting is not directly involved in the communication process.

This type of interpreting involves the existence of specialized equipment, respectively soundproof simultaneous interpreting booths (for every target language). The booths allow the interpreters to focus. At the same time, they have the possibility to watch the speaker, as visual contact with the speaker(s) is very important in anticipating the speech.

Given the fact that energy consumption for this type of interpreting is very high, involving maximum concentration, a team of 2 interpreters will always be required.

Most often used for conferences and wide scope events, simultaneous (conference) interpreting has multiple advantages. It cannot be replaced by consecutive interpreting, the cost difference being justified by:

  • The presence of a team made up of two interpreters. They will make sure that the speaker’s message is conveyed as completely and as accurately as possible, taking on the role by turns during the event.
  • Installing interpreting booths, as well as a sound system, all these being assisted by a technician throughout the event.
  • Maintaining the time allocated on the agenda for the event. This type of interpreting does not extend the time allocated to the speaker.

Specialized simultaneous interpreting is the most frequently encountered type in events, conferences, presentations, trainings or seminars.

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