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Improve your business results by letting us manage your projects with efficiency, care and dedication. Translation project management outsourcing: we will be your remote team, your voice, guided by your core values. Make the most of our 12 years experience in translation project management.

Leverage our translation project management outsourcing service. Our team of project managers will always choose the right approach for each translation project, while ticking all the boxes for your business:

  • Excellent customer care – prompt, efficient and oriented towards providing the best results for your clients;
  • Embracing your company’s core values;
  • Compliance with local and EU regulations and ISO standards;
  • Operational expenses optimization;
  • Organization agility – easy scalability depending on your monthly volumes;
  • Transparency – easy to monitor and analyse KPIs;
  • Confidentiality – NDA, Cloud based and GDPR secured solutions that ensure remote work;
  • Reduced business risk with modular monthly subscriptions;
  • Reduced people management and HR efforts due to single point contact with our agency.

Bucharest is one of the world’s greatest talent pools when it comes to language skills. With more than 64,000 university graduates and over 33 languages spoken, Bucharest has been the No 1 choice for outsourcing services for some of the biggest companies in the world. English is the language with the most proficient speakers, followed by French, German, Italian and Spanish. Nordic languages are a rare commodity, but can also be found here.

Not only than we can provide excellent customer care and project management for translations projects, but we can optimize project costs due to our incredible extended team of translators, highly skilled and with expertise in various fields.

Case Study // Legal translations // MFP Lawyers

We believe it is important to identify and assign the proper resource for each project. As such, in the case of written translations, we analyse each detail of the assigned project and we opt for the adequate translator depending on his/her experience.
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