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Traduceri Specializate și Autorizate - Traduceri Juridice


The medical field leaves no room for mistakes. Our specialists are experienced in the medical field, and they help us deal with the most complex subjects.

Medical translations are part of a complex industry. Thanks to the research in the field, is becoming an ever-increasing challenge. The physicians and the medical specialists we work with contribute the experience our team needs in order to be able to approach this field. Their attention to detail, their knowledge of the terminology and of the regulations in force are the reasons why they manage to successfully approach any medical document.

Medical translations are characterized by specific terminology and a particular language complexity. Our team of translators and revisers specialised in the medical field are acquainted with such terminology, due to their medical training.

Pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, manufacturers of medical devices, public healthcare institutions. They all need a reliable partner to entrust their documents to. We are here to deliver specialized translations in various fields: cardiology, microbiology, pathology, pediatrics, genetics, oncology, surgery, immunology, infectious diseases etc.

Specialized medical translations: clinical trials, clinical protocols, handbooks and procedures regarding medical devices and equipment, autopsy reports, labels and summaries of product characteristics, descriptions of pharmaceutical products, laboratory test reports, medical prescriptions, discharge reports.

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