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Traduceri Specializate și Autorizate - Traduceri Juridice


On a global and continuously evolving market, marketing campaigns need specialists who keep up: we can help you with translations targeted at your audience.

What makes the translation of marketing texts special? The fact that, in this field, words help you sell, as well as win your audience. And, in order to do this, you must know your target audience. You must be able to communicate with them, speaking their language.

  • the first step is for the translator to be a native speaker of the language into which the text is translated;
  • the translation needs to be adapted and localized for the targeted market and audience;
  • the final message needs to contribute to the attainment of the objective. The launch of a brand, the sale of a product or service, or getting a reaction from the target audience.

We help you speak your customer’s language. When the translation, be it even adapted and localized, is not enough to communicate with the target audience, our project manager will propose the optimal solution, according to each project. Hence, transcreation may be the solution. This means that it will be necessary for us to recreate the text, in order to align communication to the marketing plan set up for a certain market.

Specialized translations in the field of marketing: press releases, product descriptions, campaigns and marketing activations, promotional materials, brochures, presentations etc.

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