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The benefits of our MTPE services? Increased efficiency and a shorter turnaround time with lower costs!

Our machine translation post-editing process relies on two main factors: revolutionary MT tools and a highly specialized pool of linguists, who revise the automatically generated translation, so that, in the end, what you receive is a high quality translation in the shortest time possible with lower costs.


Be careful! Not every machine translation tool or service ensures the privacy of your personal data and of the documents you upload. In most of the cases, the software that allows you to use this service free of charge does not guarantee this privacy, as nothing is for free. This way, your documents, and especially your sensitive information, will be immediately available on the Internet. Our agency has implemented a paid machine translation engine directly into our CAT tool, ensuring thus the confidentiality of your company’s data included in the translated documents.

About the Service

MTPE is a hybrid translation services, involving the automated translation of documents through cutting edge technology and post-editing performed by a specialized translator in the field – as it happens in each and every translation project. The final goal: meeting your needs and delivering a translated text to be used for the purpose for which it was created and translated.

During this process, the program automatically generates a machine translation, which is then proofread in order to ensure the clarity, accuracy and consistency of the final content. The standards in the translation industry apply here as well – the human intervention aims to bring the automatically generated content to the level of a human translation.

Because of the advanced evolutions in the field of technology, your company can now benefit of machine translation post-editing services for cost reduction, as well as for a shorter turnaround time. Our team at The Department can handle larger volumes of specialized texts, delivering the final translations more rapidly at a lower cost, both ideal for your company’s needs.

However, you must note that this type of service is not suitable for any kind of text. Marketing texts, literary works and other types of creative texts will remain for a longer time in the custody of the assigned linguist, as the effort required for the post-editing step depends on various aspects: the quality of the source text, the manner in which it was written, the type and field of the document, the level of adaptation requested by the client.


Cutting-edge Translation Technology

We integrated into our project management platforms and into our CAT tools the most advanced tools when it comes to MTPE, ensuring a consistent terminology, by using translation memories and termbases based on previous translations, so that you receive a high quality final document.

Our Linguists – Specialized Translators

More than often, machine translation tools make our work easier, becoming a reliable aid in these past few years. However, without the help of our extended team of specialized linguists, the MT generated text, as such, will not be able to serve its purpose. Our revisers bring to the project their knowledge and their ability to identify inconsistencies and certain errors resulting from the first step. Machine learning and machine translation have seen remarkable evolutions in the recent years, but the human intervention is still essential if we want a natural sounding final text that complies with the standards in the industry.

Our Solutions

Light Editing: this type of post-editing consists of the basic intervention of the linguist, in order to identify the text segments that don’t sound natural or which contain minor errors, such as spelling or punctuation, ensuring at the same time the clarity, accuracy and correctness of the translated text; this solution is ideal for documents made for internal use within your company, and which cannot have a significant impact on the activity, when the deadline is too tight or the budget is too low – or both.

Full Editing: this post-editing solution does everything that light editing does, and so much more, as it involves the revision, editing and correction of the automatically generated machine translation, having in mind the end goal of the documents, the focus being on the locale, cultural nuances, natural sounding expressions and the delivery of a translation reflecting the source file and its intent, in a natural and consistent manner.

The MTPE Process

    1. Analysis of the files and requirements.
    2. Configuration of the project – initial document processing (DTP) and elaboration of glossaries, style guides and termbases for a consistent terminology.
    3. Machine translation – the documents are automatically processed in our CAT tools, making use of previous translation memories and industry-specific translation technologies.
    4. Post-editing by specialized translators – the documents are then reviewed and edited following the machine translation step by the most specialized translators in the specific field.
    5. Revision by our internal team – our proofreading team revises the post-edited and machine-translated documents and prepares the documents for delivery.
    6. Delivery.

Our machine translation post-editing services offer your company the possibility to meet the criteria that sets the goals of possibly every company in the world: QUALITY, EFFICIENCY AND COST.

We are your partner when it comes to MTPE services.

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