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Traduceri Specializate și Autorizate - Traduceri Juridice


Lawyers, translators certified by the Ministry of Justice, and legal experts. They are the ones who make up our team, but, most of all, your team. A field where specialization, consistency and attention to detail are crucial.

Legal translations deal with various documents and specializations, such as: criminal law, civil law (commercial law – FIDIC, family law, labour law), administrative law. With an extensive experience in the field, as well as certifications to this end, our translators understand the responsibility and the implications of this field. Therefore, they collaborate, according to each and every project, with legal experts, lawyers or notaries, consulting various relevant resources in the legal field.

We are here to understand the requirements associated to the request, the background, the delivery term and the purpose to which the legal translations are used. Based on all this data, we choose the right team of translators and revisers.

Law firms, medium-sized and large companies, legal departments, public institutions, notaries public, companies in the field of constructions or form other fields. Against the background of globalization and based on the extension of collaborations, the demand for linguists specialized in the legal field has been constantly rising.

Specialized legal translations: service agreements, FIDIC documents, statements of claims, documentation for trials conducted in the country or abroad, confidentiality agreements, insolvency reports, regulations etc.

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