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Interpretariat Simultan


The success of a business, the negotiations and the building of partnerships rely on communication. We help you have a professional interpreter by your side.

Consecutive interpreting involves the presence of a single interpreter in most cases. Therefore, it does not require any special equipment (translation booth). The interpreter will convey the translation while the speaker pauses. Unlike simultaneous interpreting, this type of interpreting may extend the total length of the meeting. In this case, the advantage consists of the fact that it provides for the complete translation of the message. The interpreter has sufficient time available to render the translation. The translator focuses on this aspect exclusively, without needing to continue listening to the speaker and to remember what he/she is saying, while conveying the translation.

In brief, the advantages of consecutive interpreting:

  • cost reduction, due to the presence of a single interpreter;
  • optimization of logistics, as well as the additional reduction of costs, since the translation booth is not needed;
  • full rendering of the message and direct communication between the interpreter and the speaker.

The implications may be major if the message conveyed by businessmen is not accurate. Or if it does not render the intention, the tone and, most importantly, the message as it was submitted. In business talks, even the apparently insignificant language tones may give rise to misunderstandings. It may lead to the cancellation of a transaction or of the work performed throughout the entire negotiation process.

Specialized consecutive interpreting: assisting persons within business meetings, assisting non-speakers of Romanian within public institutions. Presence of the authorized translator in cases involving the signing of powers of attorney or of other documents at the notary’s office. Working visits or vocational training, legal counseling, site visits, touring/travel, contract negotiations, press conferences. Education, medical appointments, depositions, immigration proceedings etc.

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