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Interpretariat Simultan


Discretion, concentration, excellent language skills – all these are the qualities of the professional chuchotage interpreter who is part of our team.

Chuchotage is derived from simultaneous interpreting. It applies to a small group of listeners and it involves whispering the translation to the listener. The message is sent by the speaker, without the amenities of a soundproof booth. For this reason, the interpreter has to be next to the listener, not close to the speaker, making sure that he/she does not interfere with the speech of the person presenting it. At the same time, providing for the understanding of the message by the listener.

When is this type of interpreting appropriate?

  • when the audience is made up of one or a maximum of four listeners; or
  • when the environment allows for the absence of a booth: low noise level and restricted audience.

The advantages of this type of interpreting are the following:

  • cost reduction, because the renting of special equipment is not needed, as in the case of simultaneous interpreting;
  • less time, as the speaker does not need to take a break in order to allow the translator to convey the translation;
  • It requires the presence of only one interpreter, which contributes to cost reduction, because the involvement of a team made up of two translators is not necessary, as in the case of simultaneous interpreting.

Specialized chuchotage-type interpretation: presentations, working visits, seminars.

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