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Servicii complete de traduceri


Are you in need of the written text of an audio recording? Listening and transcribing audio recordings, verifying and correcting the resulted text – all these done by native translators and according to the standards in the field. With The Department team – #speechtotext #audiotranscription

The audio recording (or audiovisual) transcription service involves the transposition of an audio or audiovisual recording into text. Our linguists are familiar with the standard transcription and formatting procedures. They also comply with the stages of the transcription process. The stages of this project involves taking the following steps:

  • assessment of the sound quality and its improvement, with the help of specialized programs (for example, removal of background noise);
  • listening and transcription of the recording according to the received formatting instructions;
  • verification and correction of the transcribed text by another linguist;
  • delivery of the text to the client in the desired format.

Besides the recording service, our agency can also supply specialized and certified translation services,  in various language combinations.

The Department offers audio transcription services both in Romanian and in other European languages, for certain areas of interest. We are specialized in legal audio recording transcriptions (transcriptions for arbitration and mediation meetings, recording transcription for interviews and transcriptions for market researches).

The audio transcription services offered by our agency are performed only by professional linguists. They have expertise in various fields, and not with the help of automated programs.

Types of transcription services offered by The Department: Academic transcriptions, interview transcriptions, market research transcriptions, medical transcriptions, legal transcriptions, audio transcriptions, conference transcriptions, transcriptions into a foreign language, business meeting transcriptions, trial transcriptions, mediation meeting transcriptions, arbitration meeting transcriptions.

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