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Case Study // Legal translations // MFP Lawyers


CLIENT: MFP Lawyers (authorized legal translations, case study)

CONTEXT: A series of legal projects which involved the help of our team. More precisely, the translation of a number of legal documents from and into Hebrew, Arabic and Greek languages.

APPROACH: The Project Manager identified, for each separate project, the optimal solution. For the translations from Hebrew language, in the context of a 5-day delivery term, we formed a team consisting in three specialized translators. One of the translators was designated the team leader of the project. The team leader is taking care of the final terminology unification and of the revision of the text.

The documents in Greek and Arabic were translated by a single translator. This way, the final terminology unification did not represent an issue.

RESULTS: Our client managed to submit the documents necessary for the finalization of the procedures for the clients they represent.  We believe it is important to identify and assign the proper resource for each project. As such, in the case of written translations, we analyse each detail of the assigned project and we opt for the adequate translator depending on his/her experience. The relevant experience in the field of translations is proven by the projects assigned in the past. The capacity to do research and adapt the text are also relevant.

Our translation agency, with the help of our extended team of translators, manages to support its clients for various requests. The team consists of both internal and external translators. They cover the needs of the clients related to specialized translations in various industries.

Our team can supply complete authorized and specialized translation services. Authorized and notarized translations, specialized translations in various fields: Authorized legal translations, medical translations, technical translations etc.

Leave us a message with the details of your project at noi@thedepartment.ro and we will get back to you with a technical and financial proposal.

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