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About our customers – defining a good relationship (4/4)

Attention to details, Communication and Relationship

Criteria for a good relationship with clients


Details are important in every stage of a project.

  • Understanding the client’s requirements is the foundation of a translation project.
  • Analysing the documents that need translation and submitting complete and correct information to the team of translators is very important for quality translations.
  • The revision and the proofreading imply a very high degree of attention to the details.
  • Finalizing the project, which involves the verification that it complies with all the initial requirements, is the last stage of the translation project management process.


Communication is the foundation of any optimal and healthy relationship. It is easy for our clients to address us any inquiry, because they are aware that this does not need to be made in an official manner, as they can talk to us as they would with any other co-worker. Communication in a business relationship is no exception to this rule. We are, after all, the co-workers from the Translation Department. Their Translation Department.


The last but not the least criterion is the relationship. Sales and negotiation trainings are not at all wrong to stress the fact that the relationship makes the sale, not the price. A relationship built with care and based on mutual respect, appreciation and collaboration, is always a win-win situation.

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